As Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) mentioned, a teacher should be highly respected. The relationship between students and teachers must be friendly as the teacher teaches and students have to learn. During this process, questions may arise and a friendly environment ensures that the students do not hesitate.

However, in government schools, there exists a huge communication gap between students and teachers. The issue of a student being harassed by his teacher was exposed by the media as the video circulated a few days ago. This case has been reported from district Khairpur, Sindh.

We have observed an ample number of harassment cases by teachers at every level. To eradicate and eliminate the black sheep behind the curtain, students must be educated on how to defend themselves from this kind of blackmailing. A separate subject on self-defence techniques must be introduced by the Pakistan Government in the curriculum. The Pakistan Government direly needs to take bold steps and pass a resolution in the National Assembly to eliminate this kind of harassment by so-called teachers, so that students feel comfortable.