Mardan           -        District Police Officer (DPO) Dr Zahidullah on Friday said that the Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) was playing an active role in resolving disputes among the local people.  

“Jirga is a part of Pakhtun culture and an easy and cheaper system of justice in Pakhtun culture which is continued from centuries’, he added. He expressed these views while addressing the dispute resolution council (DRC) Garhi Kapura. 

During the meeting, Abdul Salam Khan, Chairman DRC Garhi Kapura, presented a performance report to the district police chief.  Zahid Khan added that the members of DRC should uphold the right of people and make fair and impartial decisions.

He added that the DRC committees are also a shape of Jirga. Zahid Khan added that they are taking more steps to expand the DRC offices across the district which will further facilitate the people. He said that full support and cooperation will continue to extend DRC committees.