Haris Siyal more commonly known as Harry Dada has over fifteen-years of experience in events management, marketing, promotion, media and communications. Harry has been providing assistance to numerous international organizations, event management firms, media marketing organizations and contractors in the areas of events management, marketing, artist promotion, brands promotion, communications and brand activation. He has taken part in management of many international festivals including the World Festival, 2009 and has also worked with some Bollywood  people. Being a pioneer of the field, he introduced many new services in the media landscape of Pakistan including but not limited to digital promotion of movies/artists and partnered with many global media brands. After the eradication of terrorism in the country, Harry brought in many international artists like Bohemia and Kamal Raja to the country to perform. This led to a new wave of entertainment performances in the country. 

Hailing from a small town of Punjab, Haris moved to Lahore in 2005 to pursue a career in media and showbiz. Like every small towner, he was instantly rejected by the media market of the city. An uneducated boy with no money to grease the palms had to work like maniacs for free to get his name out in the market. Thus, Harry worked as a free-lancer, even at times without any constant earning stream, for many singers and artists. He strived and struggled over the years, working tirelessly to get a name for himself and today, after more than 15 years of struggle, Harry Dada is a brand in itself. All and sundry affiliated with media and showbiz know Harry and his work. Whenever, someone associated with the field faces a crunch, Harry is the man to call. 

In a nut shell, Harry’s particular areas of expertise include events management, communications, media, business development, brand activation, marketing, content creation and public relations. Harry has undertaken researches and has ample of experience in communications, branding & marking and media landscape of Pakistan. He is currently running a business of content creation which has active contracts with a number of national and international companies.