Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Information Secretary. Senator Moula Bux Chandio has said that the PTI government has come into power on lies which are still continued by this government.

He said this while addressing a press conference at the media office Islamabad with Nazir Dhoki on Saturday.

Moula Bux Chandio said that PTI government did nothing for the Kashmir cause and no country in the world is siding with us on the issue. PPP supported FATF bill in the national interest but the prime minister is calling it NRO. PTI government is victimizing opposition in the name of accountability. He said that NAB has completely lost its credibility and an institution with no credibility should be folded. Everyday passing is increasing the miseries of the people of Pakistan. 

The Information Sectary PPP said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is indebted to Taliban for his government. The PTI government is not treasuring the political people rather the people who have brought them to power. Imran Khan has retracted from every promise he made to the people, from changing PM house to university and committing suicide if he has to get loans from any country. He said that Imran Khan is relying on un-elected people. This government is losing the trust of every country one by one. 

Senator Chandio said that the behaviour this government has with President Asif Ali Zardari is shameful and clear victimization. The report of Human Rights Watch is there for everyone to see. NAB has become an institution for victimization run by unprofessional people. Imran Khan will lose the crutches he is standing on. What kind of attitude this government has with political opponents like Sharif family, he asked. He said that Imran Khan will have to pay for all the barbaric actions. He demanded that the victimization of the political leadership of the country be stopped at once. He said that the struggle for a just society will continue despite all this tyranny by the PTI government.