LAHORE          -       The Director-General Punjab Emergency Service, Dr Rizwan Naseer, welcomed 402 Rescuers recruited for remaining Tehsils of Punjab at the Emergency Services Academy. He congratulates them on becoming a part of Rescue 1122 life-saving Emergency Service after going through the selection process including Written, Aptitude/ Psychological, Physical Tests conducted by third party NTS and then final interviews by members from four different independent departments. 

DG Rescue Punjab said that you are going to join a Service, which has a short history but with many achievements. Rescue 1122, which started from Lahore in 2004 and is now functional in Districts of Punjab. The Service has rescued 8.4 million emergency victims while maintaining its average response time of 7 minutes. The Service maintained the standard of the Service in all Districts of Punjab. Motorbike Ambulance Service (MAS) has rescued 560,000 with only four minutes of the average response time, which is an achievement even internationally. Similarly, the first modern Rescue Fire Service has saved losses worth over 450 billion by improving response time and professional firefighting on modern lines. 

Dr. Rizwan Naseer informed rescuers that Emergency Services Academy has trained 19,364 and expanded Emergency Service to all districts of Punjab and also provided training and technical assistance to other provinces for replication of this emergency model in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit Baltistan and AJK. He added that the main reason for the success of Rescue 1122 is due to the recruitment of the right staff, establishment of an effective emergency management system through appropriate legislation, and most importantly the training provided to the staff for the first time in Pakistan. Today, Rescue 1122 includes Emergency Ambulance, Rescue, and Fire Service is providing a sense of safety to citizens by providing timely comprehensive emergency response to any emergency or disaster in Punjab and we do not have to invite a team from outside!

DG Rescue Punjab said it is a matter of honor for Rescue Team and Country, as well that the Rescue Team of the Emergency Services Academy has become the first Team classified by INSARAG United Nations in South Asia. He hoped that all Rescuers should make the best of this training facility and abide by the Corona safety protocols since this is what shall make the difference between life and death. He hoped that Rescuers should maintain the standard of the service in their respective Tehsils of Punjab, he concluded.