Nations will go to war if peaceful dialogue brings insignificant outcomes. This is very apt for the nations that yearn to be superpowers. It is not for the first time in history that two major neighbouring countries in Asia, China and India, have engaged in a standoff in the shape of the “Ladakh Crisis” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC): the de facto border between the world’s two most populated countries. 

History bears a myriad of hurdles between two neighbours. Ever since 1962, there has been a perpetual problem between China and India. There are two basic schools of thought that reveal the hostile nature of these two nuclear powers. One school of thought believes that the current crisis at Galwan valley is the result of India’s illegal construction of infrastructure in the bordering areas. On the other hand, the other relevant school of thought states that the root cause of the clash is the unilateral move of India in repealing article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Such blunders by Modi’s government have triggered the skirmish. It is also estimated that any miscalculation may turn into a full-fledged war that will surely wreak havoc in Asia, particularly in South Asia.

The present Sino Indian conflict is not a replay of 1962. For now, both have evolved into nuclear states, and are a huge threat for the peace of the whole globe. South Asia has become hostile as well owing to the presence of extensive nuclear weapons. However, numerous attempts are being made to normalise the heightened tensions between these two giants, and both the countries have signed an agreement to reduce tensions. But India may not be silent after suffering the loss of 20 soldiers.

The Indian government knows well that China will be a tough opponent. To save face, India may turn towards Pakistan and could attack the multi-billion dollar project of CPEC. Pakistan must remain alert to counter any such misadventure from the adversary. Many analysts assume that the Sino India war is beneficial for Pakistan. The ongoing crisis has left India high and dry. India is probably at its weakest and is expecting elections in the coming winter. The US would not want to dirty its hands in a foreign battle. Therefore, it seems that now is the best time for Pakistan to practically and militarily extend aid to China and end the brutalities committed by Indians on Kashmir once and for all.