In almost all big cities of the country, and especially in Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad, a new phenomenon is being noticed on the roads i.e. the motorcyclists have been found enjoying unbridled freedom of ignoring traffic rules with impunity. Such violations are a common sight on traffic signals where the commuters on motorcycles carrying more than allowed number of persons can be seen frequently ignoring signals and speeding away at will while the hapless traffic policeman watches in disinterest. These delinquents are not even checked by the law enforcers upon breaking one-way traffic - a most serious violation of rules. On roads with heavy traffic, or logjams, the situation becomes so critical sometimes that those who follow the rules stand confused or helpless. That is causing the rash of fatal accidents we hear so much about. There is an old saying that violation of law becomes a norm in a society when a seemingly minor crime starts getting ignored. In our country, a cyclist jumping the signal, or going one-way, was thought to be 'a petty infringement'. Now the motorcyclists are being given unlawful immunity to behave crazily on the roads. By allowing them to do so, the traffic police is creating future hard-core criminals that will breach the law on four-wheelers. -SHAFQAT HUSSAIN QURESHI, Karachi, via e-mail, November 30.