KARACHI - Farhan Hanif, a Professor in International Relations Department of Karachi University, on Sunday observed that recent violence that erupted in the city should be analysed in multiple factors to maintain peace and harmony in the economical hub of the country. In an exclusive interview to The Nation on Sunday, Professor Farhan said that there were two major factors, which had caused tension between some ethnic groups; first, the real estate business and secondly the transportation interests. He suggested that all the major stakeholders in the city should respect rule of a law and focus on joint mechanism to maintain peace and harmony in the city, adding that if any group is involved in illegal activities must be dealt with iron hands so that the peace of the city may be restored for law and order. He added that Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and Awami National Party (ANP) being secular nationalist parties were against the religious fundamentalism, so they should sit together in case of any threat from Taliban and evolve joint policy along its major coalition partner PPP to cope the issue. MQM, which is against feudal system and major actor in the Metropolis, has very good image in term of war on terror because of its liberal and secular exposure, Professor Farhan added. He also added that it was reality that majority of the people had fled from war-affected areas of NWFP to metropolis, yet it could not be claimed that they had direct linkage with Taliban. He suggested that rogue elements having linkage with any political or extremist groups should be dealt with iron hands. He added that land mafia and other groups Had devastated the peaceful culture of the city, so government should evolve uniformed policy with all major stakeholders maintaining harmony and peace in the metropolis.