The deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan was accorded unprecedented honors in America. Mr Zardari and the NROed PPP leadership cannot even dream of the accolades he received here. The honours in PPP belonged to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed; Mr. Zardari or anyone else in PPP are never going to get any. They do not even deserve to carry her sandals on their heads for their ruinous policies have wrecked the future of 160 million people, enslaving them to USA. Drones are daily invading Pakistan under their watch but they do nothing except mouthing inanities. If the lawyers, APDM and rest of the opposition parties want to restore the deposed CJP, stop the US drones and get out of the shackles of IMF, they have to get rid of the anti people PPP and Zardari. The Mumbai incident and India accusing Pakistan of involvement speaks volumes about the incompetence of PPP government and its failed foreign and internal policies. -JOSEPH PERES MUSAVEE, via e-mail, November 28.