The loss of life in the Mumbai tragedy is, indeed, sad but the reaction of Indian Prime Minister and his ministers is even sadder - and so totally gratuitous. As if on a cue, the Indian media has behaved in an absurdly jingoistic manner seemingly oblivious of the grave consequences of spewing so much fire. Due to the pathetic leadership in Pakistan, Indians have found an opportunity to fight their domestic battles at our cost. And they don't look like sobering up anytime soon. Unless they regain their composure, the issue is likely to become unmanageable. The news, at home, is bad as usual. Zardari and his PM are as pathetic and irresponsible as we thought they always were - in our nightmares. Remember these two had actually left Islamabad for London and Lahore respectively the moment they had heard about attack on the Marriott? -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, November 29.