Unfortunately there is no Pakistani in the heart of any Hindu Indian even though some of the Pakistanis - the so-called secular/moderate Muslims which are Indianised - have a place for Indian Hindus in their heart. Pakistani leadership must have had their eyes opened now that the Indian government is accusing Pakistan of involvement in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. They must be repenting the folly of having offered no first nuclear strike to India. India, meanwhile, is hyping the world media against us. Rue our foolishness, the magnanimous PPP government did not even raise a finger on India at the time of Marriott terrorist attack. And they never even bothered to accuse RAW of involvement in NWFP or Balochistan insurgencies even though there was clear evidence of Indian hand. About the farcical Indian accusation that the Mumbai terrorists were speaking in a Punjabi accent, let me ask them to lend their ears to their compatriots from East Punjab and Haryana where Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims all speak Punjabi. Going by their corollary, the entire East Punjab should be deemed suspect in the Mumbai terrorist act. To say that terrorists sailed in rubber-boats from Pakistan is a complete nonsense. This idiotic story just goes to show they were Indians that lived in Mumbai. -OMAR ALI, Faisalabad, via e-mail, November 30.