LAHORE - Johar Town Police on Monday arrested General Manager of Doctors Hospitals Dr Ziaul Hassan and Dr Sana Ullah on the charges of killing a 3-years-old girl, Imanea, owing to negligence. However, the main culprit of the case Doctor Sandip Kumar has not been arrested yet as he had absconded on the day FIR had been registered against the management of the hospital. Dr Sandip Kumar allegedly showed criminal negligence in administering anesthesia injections to the minor. Earlier, the minor girls victim family had sought justice from the chief justice of Pakistan and the Punjab chief minister to bring the alleged murderers of their beloved daughter to the book. Ahmed Khan, a relative of the diseased girl, told The Nation that Imanea died owing to the medics negligence. They tried to hide the death of the child by asking the family to take her to some other hospital while she had died, he further said. The FIR was registered under Section 322 against the management of Doctors Hospital, he added. He said he did not nominate any doctor in the FIR, however, he was not satisfied with the section applied in the FIR by the Johar Town Police. Aqeel Ahmed, father of deceased Imanae, said her daughter had a minor burn injury on her finger and he took her to Doctors Hospital where the doctors gave her three injections that caused her instant death. Few days ago, the management of the said hospital had suspended its four staff members including three doctors. It also claimed that an enquiry had been conducted into the matter which showed gross negligence on the part of on-call Pediatrics Sandip Kumar in treatment of the girl. The statement said after the enquiry all the staff even remotely associated with this case has been suspended.