ISLAMABAD (APP) - The federal government has chalked out a comprehensive five-year plan of Employment Guarantee Schemes for job creation and skills development of educated youth of less- developed areas to check extremism and terrorism in the country. The Tenth Five Year Plan (2010-2015) has been developed in close consultation with the concerned provinces comprehensive plans for which special funds should be earmarked to uplift economically these areas which have fallen behind, says a document of Planning Commission. Priority in these targeted interventions, should be given to job creation and development of social and infrastructure. Under Employment Guarantee Schemes serious consideration be given for development of physical and social infrastructure to meet local need of these areas. Terrorism and extremism are clearly not just the product of economic forces and economic conditions. Yet it is a start fact that they have taken roots in areas which have benefitted little from the development process, where poverty levels are much higher than average, job opportunities scare and the social indicators much worsen compared to the rest of the country. The dilemma in these areas in that existing economic conditions are not favourable for private investors and this limits creation of much needed job opportunities. The five-year plan will address this critical issue and come up with innovative schemes for job creation and skills development for these areas especially for educated unemployed youth.