KARACHI- Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said that the government had handed over evidences of Indian involvement in recent terrorist activities in Pakistan to Foreign Office in Islamabad for forwarding all the proofs to Indian Foreign Ministry. He said Indian involvement in Pakistan will be shared with New Delhi during composite dialogue between the two countries. Addressing a Press conference at Chief Minister House Sindh, held after the the meeting of Ulema of different schools of thoughts held at CM House, Malik said that the govt was willing to start the process of composite dialogue to discuss all the matters on one platform. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik also, met the Ahle Sunnat Ulema at Darul Uloom Amjadi and Shia Ulema at residence of Jaffaria Alliance President Allama Abbas Kumaili. Malik ruled out the possibility of talks with Taliban, saying that Taliban were involved in terrorist acts in the country against which the law enforcement agencies operations was going on. The Minister asked the misguided youth to adopt the right course. He said that the government would hold the Ulema Conference in four provinces against the ongoing terrorism in the country, to seek the decree of Ulemas against the terrorism. He added that these conferences would be milestone for creating public awareness and unity of Ulema, and hoped that the door of terrorism could be closed after the Ulema conferences. Malik said the forces, which wanted to destabilise the country, should understand that nation was united and the ulema would now fight at the ideological front. Federal Interior Minister said that the terrorists were getting weapons from Afghanistan. He said said that government wanted to stop the terrorists infiltration into Pakistan from Afghan border. 'We have planned to instal biometric system at Pak-Afghan border. Pakistan has a very vast border with Afghanistan and it is very difficult to monitor the border of 2200 km, he added. Malik said that govt had not given permission to Americans to conduct drone attacks in the country. 'We have asked the world to convince United States to stop drone attacks in Pakistan, he said. Malik further said:We want guidance of the Ulema of Pakistan in view to forming our policies.Ulema during the meeting with him, agreed to defeat and root out the menace of terrorism from the country by declaring the terrorism an un-Islamic act. He said that Ulema had condemned the acts of terrorism. 'I have not come here to take Fatwa of Ulema that suicide attacks are haram in Islam but I have come to consult with them on different issues.We will follow the guidelines given to us by Ulema, he added. 'Terrorists have been defeated in Swat and South Waziristan. Now the terrorists want to scare people so that they people could force government to stop military operation against them. Malik said that today our beloved homeland was passing through a situation where the enemies of Pakistan were working against its very existence. He said it was the desire of President and Prime Minister to start a process where Ulema should play their role. He said that his meeting with Ulemas was the consensus of every participant that terrorism was un-Islamic.