This with reference to a letter titled 'A man of (one) principle'. The storming of the Supreme Court was a result of the palace intrigue of Farooq Leghari and Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. It had leaked out that the CJ was about to annul the 14th Amendment, empowering the President to dismiss the Nawaz Sharif government. The Muslim League workers reacted against this conspiracy. Two pillars of the state were bent upon toppling the third. Farooq Leghari was smarting because his wings (58-2b) had been clipped. Sajjad Ali Shah was furious over Nawaz Sharif's rejection of his objections on 'speedy justice' courts that were providing sterling service to the people. The conspiracy was proven when a few months later Farooq Leghari gave a self incriminating statement to the press saying that the Chief Justice had signed the court order sitting in his car and that he, as President, had no intention of acting on the court order. Where did the court order come from when the court proceedings had been interrupted, unless it had been pre-prepared even before the arguments, for and against, had been completed? Normally a court order takes a few hours to emerge after the court proceedings are over. If Leghari was not going to act upon the court order, then why did the Army Chief have to come to the Presidency? If there was no difference of opinion between the two, why did the Army Chief have to stay on for four hours and if their meeting ended amicably, why did Leghari have to resign? It is obvious that it took the Army Chief four hours to dissuade the President from acting upon the court order. Leghari having been stopped in his tracks, lost face and had to resign. Talking about storming the courtroom, remember how the lawyers reacted when Musharraf conspired against the Chief Justice? They stormed courtrooms, bars and places all over the country for two years until the wrong was redressed. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, December 5.