RAWALPINDI (Agencies) - Traders of Rawalpindi have rejected the two-day deadline set by the police to them for installation of CCTV cameras at their shops. President Markazi Anjaman-e-Tajran Rawalpindi Shahid Ghafoor Paracha, President Markazi Sarafa Union Khwaja Sohail Sadiq and other office-bearers of traders organisations in a statement underlined that the traders are cooperating with police despite their economic crisis. They underlined most of traders have already installed CCTV cameras at their shops while majority of jewellers and moneychangers have security guards and under such circumstances, issuing of notices to them is injustice. They said that Shop and Security Ordinance is being used wrongly and the police instead of fulfilling their responsibilities pressurising traders. The traders urged that proper time should be given to them for the installation of CCTV cameras. Pakistan Railways project to install close circuit television (CCTV) cameras at railway stations in Rawalpindi Division is going at a snails pace due to non-availability of fund, said sources at the Ministry of Railways on Monday. The purpose to install CCTV cameras at major railway stations at Rawalpindi division is to counter terrorist activities, sources said. The department has already installed CCTV cameras at all major railway stations of Karachi and Lahore divisions. CCTV cameras were well on cards in Rawalpindi, but shortage of funds had impeded timely execution of the project. Initially, the department had installed CCTV cameras at Rawalpindi railway station. Later these would be installed at other major railway stations of the division. When contacted, a senior official of Pakistan Railways conceded demarcation for installation of cameras has been completed and implementation of the project depends upon the availability of funds. CCTV cameras would help railway security personnel to monitor movement of suspicious people, especially terrorists, he added. He said CCTV cameras will be connected with a computer room at Rawalpindi railway station and it would also help authorities to crack down those violating ban on smoking at platforms and inside trains. The official said the department has deployed policemen inside coaches and security personnel had been increased on all access points of railway stations.