A LORRY driver was pulled up by police in China - after driving for hundreds of miles with a sheet of cardboard covering his broken windscreen. Mr Li drove by sticking his head out of the side window - in freezing conditions - or by peering through tiny holes in the cardboard, reports China News Network. Traffic officers ordered him to pull over after spotting him on the Jinggangao Highway in Henan province. The weather was extremely cold, but we saw a lorry with a cardboard windscreen - and the driver had his head out of the side window all the time, said a police spokesman. Mr Li jumped down from the cab with a face that was purple from the cold. He told officers he had been in an accident in Hubei province several days earlier but did not have time to repair it properly because of his tight delivery schedule. He admitted to police that he had driven with the temporary cardboard windscreen for an incredible 400 miles. When there were a lot of vehicles I would drive with my head out of the window, he told police. I would drive like that until my neck got too sore and numb, when I would drive by looking through the little holes in the cardboard. Police escorted the truck to a nearby service station, and ordered Li to repair his vehicle properly before going back on the road. Ananova