ISLAMABAD - There is no proper sewerage system in the twin cities and at some places water pipelines have been mixed with sewerage lines, while the CDA officials attribute this unpleasant situation to the illegal construction work. Contrary to the tall claims, these lines overlap each other but the twin cities authorities have turned a deaf ear to this serious issue. Citizens of the adjacent areas are also suffering from the problem of contaminated water, which is a cause of outbreak of several diseases like Hepatitis, typhoid, cholera and gastroenteritis. Due to lack of resistance power in children these fatal diseases affect them immediately, Dr Ishtiaq told TheNation. TheNation also learnt that in a large number of patients in the hospitals like Holy Family, General Hospital Rawalpindi, District Headquarters Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Polyclinic Hospital, have been admitted on complaint of suffering from water-related diseases. Dr Zia-ur-Rehman of Rawalpindi General Hospital told this scribe that poor hygienic condition of water in the twin cities was due to mismanagement and causing numerous diseases. I have many patients suffering from water-borne patients in my hospital, he claimed. It is difficult for the hard-pressed masses who are crushed under price-hike, unemployment and have lack of opportunities to afford the cure in these hospitals. Rawalpindi City Government has not taken proper measures but strange thing is that Capital Development Authority with its tall claims could not succeed in eliminating this serious problem. TheNation has observed that during a survey in many sectors like G-6, G-7, I-8, I-9, I-10 and F-7 these pipelines leakages are causing contamination of water. Residents of the areas are suffering due to negligence of the authorities concerned. Several time, we informed the CDA officials about the leakages in the water pipelines but still problem could not be sorted out, while adding, the authority concerned has given no proper attention to the matter, Nouman Qureshi, residence of G-9 told TheNation. When contacted, an official of the CDA, Mustafain Kazmi said that there was no chance of leakages in these pipelines but in some places like G-7 and T&T colony people without informing the CDA dug their own pipelines, which has become the reason of contamination of water. He further mentioned that there were many houses whose basement was not constructed according to the defined criteria of the CDA therefore in rains it was difficult for CDA to provide them protection from contaminated rainy water. He lamented that contractors did not carry out CDA directions during construction and at many places they mixed water and sewerages lines with each other. To a query, Kazmi confessed that CDA had no modern mechanism to separate these lines from each other. Hamid Ali, a resident of Asghar Mall Scheme, while condemning the local government, said that throughout the year not a single day was witnessed when they could use clean water. He informed that leakages in pipelines contaminated water in Asghar Mall Scheme, which was using in their homes. When contacted the District Nazim Rawalpindi, Raja Javed Ikhlas, told that he directed the RDA officials to separate the lines from each other. However, he claimed that water pipelines were imported and durable for next 100 years. He said there was no chance of leakage in these lines, as they were purchased from a well-reputed Japanese company. He informed that only Asghar Mall sewerage line was creating problem for the citizens and in this regard he already directed the Chairman RDA to take action against the contractors. It is pertinent to mention here that a number of reports have been published in the newspapers regarding miserable condition of the Asghar Mall Road and about the miseries of the residents of Asghar Mall Scheme, which they were facing but the local government has taken no action despite tall claims.