WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States hopes the 7,000 additional troops promised by NATO allies will arrive in Afghanistan by the first half of 2010, a top defense official said on Monday. In terms of the force flow, the goal is to get them all by, in the first half, if possible, of 2010, Michele Flournoy, the undersecretary of defense for policy, said at a policy conference. We are still working together to get them into the force flow so I cant give you a lot of detail on that, she said. NATO countries have pledged at least 7,000 troops to bolster the alliance-led mission after President Barack Obama announced last week he approved sending 30,000 US reinforcements. The new commitments are expected to swell the ranks of foreign troops in Afghanistan next year to 150,000, some two thirds of them US forces. Some of the allied contributions were troops that had deployed temporarily for the August presidential elections but now would be ordered to stay, but most of the additional forces were new, Flournoy said. There are some allies who had surged for the elections that will have their forces stay, she said. Most of the plus-up is actually new forces coming in, she said. Last week, the US administration said it expects its allies to send several thousand more troops beyond the 7,000 forces already pledged.