ISLAMABAD (APP) - The country may not achieve its targets of kinnow production and consequently exports this year owing to attack of virus. The spots of ring which appear on the skin of kinnow due to virus hurt the export. This virus and ring hits in those orchards where excellent yield is ready for harvesting, Chief Executive Officer of Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad said in a statement issued here on Wednesday. He claimed that more than $100 million are added to the national exchequer every year by kinnow exports however this time it seems to be difficult to achieve this due to virus. He said that a proper analysis would come by the end of December and if the virus hits on vast scale it would hurt the export target as well as domestic consumption. He estimated the prices may also shoot up in these circumstances.During the current year Indonesia has agreed to do away with 25 per cent import duty on Pakistani kinnow to reciprocate Pakistani government gesture of making a downward revision on import duty on palm oil. However due to tough competition with China Citrus interims of price, Pakistani exporters may fail to meet the competitive price for the Indonesian buyers, he added. The CEO highlighted that with the imposition of new tax by Sri Lanka recently, the duties on many export items from Pakistan had been doubled. The duty on kinnow has increased from $2.19 per 13 kilograms to $4.47 which is negative for this year kinnow season. This is the kinow season so the decision would affect the exports of this citrus fruit, he said, adding that Sri Lankan government should not enhance duties on agriculture products from Pakistan.