LAHORE - Cardiologists believe that President Asif Ali Zardaris ailment is not of serious nature and he would soon be in a position to resume his normal activities. President Zardari on Tuesday underwent different heart related tests like stress echo cardiogram, echo cardiogram and electrocardiogram at American Hospital in Dubai, and according to unconfirmed reports he is being kept at Intensive Care Unit at the moment. Earlier, the president got himself medically examined in London on June 26, 2011, and then again on September 9 and was given a clean health of bill by the doctors. His angiography was conducted at Royal Browptown Hospital London by Dr. Carlo Di Mario who was then assisted by Maj. Gen. Azhar Kayani, Dr Javed Salman and Dr Sameen Sharma. Talking to TheNation, a renowned cardiologist and Chief of American Health Centre in Dubai, Dr Naeem Tareen said that cardiovascular disease was a life-long ailment and housekeeping things keep happening from time to time. To me, President Zardaris illness is housekeeping ailment which should not affect his performance of duties as President, Dr Tareen said who became famous after attaching a 'pacemaker to late Nawabzada Nasrullah Khans heart in initial years of General Musharrafs Martial Law, and which worked well for well over five years. He opined that Angioplasty of President Zardari had already been done after his Angiography in September last and there was no truth in reports that he underwent any Angioplasty at Dubai this time. To a question that president was given a clean bill of health in September, Dr. Tareen said: A heart patient may be hail and health today, but may develop some complication the following day. He said such patients need periodic check-ups of routine nature to remain healthy. He further said that as far as he was aware of Presidents history of ailment, he should be quite ok by now and resume his normal activities. Another well-known cardiologist, Dr Shahryar A Sheikh said though he was not aware of the exact nature of the health problems President Zardari was having, but on the basis of media reports about his ailment, he could only say that his disease was not of serious nature but complication may develop any time in heart patients. He said a clean bill of health given to the president by doctors in London a few months back did not mean that he should not underwent routine check up or the disease had been cured permanently. He further said that Presidents physicians might have thought to remove any doubts through medical check-up. I think he (President Zardari) will disappoint people after coming back soon, Dr Shaheryar said in a lighter tone. According to the Presidents personal physician Col Salman, the proposed medical tests were of routine nature and are linked to a previously diagnosed cardiovascular condition. President Zardari's close aide, Ahmad Riaz Sheikh, a former additional director of FIA, said that President went to Dubai on Tuesday for routine medical check-up on the insistence of his close friends. The President does not take his health seriously and sometimes he would not take medicine even, he said, adding that he had not undergone his routine check-up for quite some time and friends advised him to get himself medically examined again to remove any doubts about any complication. The president was feeling quite normal when I bade him farewell at the airport on Tuesday evening along with his staff, he added. Presidents spokesperson, Farhatullah Babar said that contrary to media reports the President did not visit any hospital on Tuesday for tests or treatment before leaving for Dubai along with his personal physicians and limited personal staff.Instead, the President held separate meetings on Tuesday in Presidency with the Prime Minister, Chairman Senate and Interior Minister to review overall situation, security arrangements for Ashura and legislative business in Senate before leaving for Dubai, he said.