KARACHI  -   Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar has said the fire brigade department guards the lives and property of citizens therefore maximum allocation will be made if we get resources.

In last two years, fire equipment and other accessories amounting to Rs 160 million were procured for this department.

He said this while talking to media on the handing over ceremony of the new equipment and other apparatus to the fire brigade in the fire head quarter on Friday.

Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saifur Rehman was also present on this occasion.

Mayor Karachi gave fire brigade different fire extinguishing and rescue equipment including 225 Fire Hose ID  45 mm extruded lay flat hose, 1 Lighting Tower KVA Generator, 15 Heavy Duty Handheld Light, re-changeable, 5 Positive Pressure Ventilator/ Smoke Extractor, 1 Jumping Cushion for emergency rescue operations, 1 Vertical Spiral Escape Chute, 1000 Barrier Tape, Plastic, non-adhesive Color Red and White Printed with “FIRE DO NOT CROSS”, 1 Decontamination Tent, Capable of housing complete decontamination system, 1 Decontamination Shower system, 2 Oil & Water Aspirator with Capacity of up to 100 liters, 1 Pneumatic collection tubs for the collection and storage of hazardous material (hazmat), 1 Vacuum Leak drainage bag designed to attach itself quickly to surface , 1 Leak drainage bags for simple sealing, 3 Universal gully sealing bag, 2 Compact gully sealing bag for reliable sealing of sewage system, 2000 Liters AFFF Fire Extinguishing Foam Concentrate, 25 Complete Firefighting Suits for fire-fighters NOMEX with Boots, 25 Firemen Helmets NFPA, 25 Leather Gloves, 25 Compete SCBA Sets with 60mins Carbon Cylinder, 25 Respirator, full face piece, cartridge-type, 25 Respirator, half face piece, cartridge-type, P-100 or equivalent.

A demonstration was also held on this occasion during which firefighters used jumping cushion and snorkel for vertical spiral escape chute to save the people from buildings on fire.

The mayor said that improvement of fire brigade was started from the first day in office.

This department needs to be equipped with latest facilities. Former federal government had approved more amount for this department and hope this would bring more improvement in its performance.

He said the fire staff is getting fire risk allowance on regular basis and government of Sindh is requested for their dues payment and will be paid on getting the amount.