ISLAMABAD - Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity chief Juma Khan Marri yesterday said that India was trying to use Baloch rebels like tissue papers as Delhi Study Group postponed the conference on ‘Human Rights in Balochistan’ that had invited Balochistan Liberation Army commander Harbiyar Marri.

Vijay Jolly of DSG said the new date and venue of the event would be announced soon.

In a Facebook post, Juma Khan Marri claimed India had rejected visa to banned Balochistan Liberation Army commander Harbiyar Marri – who is accused of masterminding the attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi last month.

“They have postponed the complete event ‘So-Called human rights conference’. Once again, I request all my Baloch brothers, please open your eyes and wake up before it’s too late,” Marri said.

He said India was using “you all as tissue paper,” adding: “Please drop your weapon and join mainstream Pakistan. Balochistan’s prosperity is only and only linked with Pakistan. Pakistan is our motherland. United we stand, divided we fall.”

This week, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan, in Russia on an official visit had, held a meeting with Marri to discuss significant issues including a terrorist attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi last month.

In the meeting with the CM, Marri urged the United Kingdom to stop providing shelter to Harbiyar Marri. He also stressed raising this issue in the United Nations and promised to voice his concerns regarding the matter in European Union Parliament.

When asked about inviting Marri, Jolly said: “We do not consider him as a terrorist. He is a Baloch political activist, and we have invited him so that people get to know the real human rights situation in Balochistan.”

Marri, who had accepted the invitation to the conference, had applied for a visa along with other Baloch activists at the High Commission of India in London.

Indian media quoted Harbiyar Marri as saying: “Yes, I have been invited to attend a conference about ‘Human Rights in Balochistan.’ I have accepted the invitation and submitted my documents for an Indian visa.”