Information and Broadcasting Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has said there is no room for corruption in Pakistan. Addressing a gathering of British-Pakistani community in Pakistan High Commission London on Friday evening, he said that the government was determined to end corruption, promote good governance and rule of law in the country.

He added, as result of the elections the people specially the overseas Pakistanis and middle class had supported and voted to PTI and its leader Imran Khan for change and rule of law. "This is also a success of the middle class in the country," he remarked.

He said that the PTI government was established as an evolution of middle-class against status quo and corrupt system. He further said that the incumbent government was bringing about paradigm shift where the powerful people and groups were being brought under the law.

"Our government is a scam-less dispensation as we have ensured good governance and rule of law in the country", he said. The minister said that Pakistan wanted good relations with India and resolution of Kashmir issue peacefully through dialogue.

He said that Pakistan and India had fought three wars on Kashmir with no solution. Pakistan had always made efforts to resolve all outstanding issues including core issue of Kashmir through dialogue with India but regretted that India had always rejected dialogue offers by Pakistan.