Water is the biggest necessity of living things to sustain quality of life in earth.

Since God has blessed Pakistan with the abandoned water resources; the main resources of water in Pakistan are rainfall, Dams, underground water and water in the river. But unfortunately Pakistan is among the countries facing severe water crisis.

The main causes of water crisis include no active concerns of the past governments for the storage of water, poor water management, increasing population, excessive usage and pollution. Climate changes in Pakistan is alarming the situation. Pakistan is an agricultural country so water is crucial for survival. In Pakistan there are not enough dams and the existing dams and their storage capacity is not enough because of the increasing population of Pakistan. The population rate of Pakistan is increasing at rate of 3.2%.

Because of water crisis people are facing health issues because of unavailability of pure water. Pakistani children die of many lethal diseases such as diarrhoea because of contaminated water. Water crisis is leading us towards crops scarcity as well because less water will ultimately effect the agriculture sector as well and it will effect the economy of Pakistan.

Government should show their active role towards the scarcity of resources. New Dams is a welcome step but they should pay their attention towards the reasons that are the causes of water crisis. Government should take serious steps towards the increasing population of Pakistan , proper use of water in agriculture sector, develop strategy to reduce water loss and decrease the excessive pump-age of underground water.


Lahore, November 21.