People who commit mugging, burglary, robbery, mobile snatching and other voracious street crimes are unfortunately young, poor and male. But it doesn’t mean that all the poor are street criminals and all the young males are criminal, it can be associated with greed, unemployment, illiteracy and lawlessness.

In Pakistan, street crimes are drastically increased in the last decades. Street crime were only related to Karachi but eventually it has now been related to all major metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Mobile snatching is one of the major street crime that is happening more often as compared to the others. Auto mobile theft is the 2nd most committed crime in the recent past. Over 700,000 crimes were reported all over Pakistan, these crimes include Murders, Mobile Snatching, Automobile theft, Kidnaping/abduction, Robbery, Burglary and other thefts. These crimes are not only committed by professionals but most of the criminals are untrained and forced by their desires.

Major cause of street crime is illiteracyand unemployment. People needs to be educated what street crimes are and what are its consequences when committed. Secondly, showing off expensive automobiles, cellphones and jewelry ignites desire to obtain in the people which ultimately force them to choose shortcuts.