“We are looking for ways to decrease the dropout rate. I am pretty sure, if we eliminate career and technical education, we are going to increase the dropout rate.”

The technical and vocational education in Pakistan has not been given sufficient attention. It is not enough to have a number of technical and vocational education institutes and many are deprived of the facilities, teachers and learning equipment. A state’s population is one of its national power’s main elements. Once it’s eligible, it can become an advantage. Unqualified population in the country means more unemployed people, which has a negative impact on national development. It is necessary to make technical education part of secondary education. Classes must be included in the curriculum of carpentry, electrical and other technical training. The lack of technical education is a significant educational policy weakness that has never been historically centered.

Therefore, the government needs prioritized management of technical education. The federal government is paying attention to vocational and technical training, but it is important to increase the efficiency of existing vocational and technical training centers in order to produce skilled youth.