Religion is the cause increasingly being cited the most in conflicts around the world. The world is reeling from the horrible consequences of terrorism inspired by religious intolerance. USA, Britain and their allies are using all their resources to eradicate religious intolerance from countries like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan since 9/11. Violent crimes, on an unprecedented scale, have been unleashed by the religious militants in our country too. We are trying to cope with the menace even as foreign drones attack our tribal area causing casualties on a routine basis. Things have reached a stage where the head of US Homeland Security has openly expressed the view that international laws on sovereignty should be changed to justify invasions of countries to root out the menace of terrorism. In this new world of heightened security, Pakistan is being treated as a major suspect although the US has repeatedly called this country 'a non-NATO ally' too. On the one hand suicide blasts are rocking the cities of Pakistan while daily incursions inside our borders by our 'allies' continue on the other. US should, first and foremost, stop missile attacks in our tribal areas so that the problems could be solved through a process of dialogue. -HIRA MANZOOR, Lahore, February 5.