The black coats are begging people to come out and join their Long March. We all know that our public is far too lazy to turn out in large numbers and then walk the miles in a procession. This reminds me of a joke. A boy wrote a love letter to his girl friend waxing eloquent on how much he loved her and how he was even prepared to die for her. In the end, he wrote a post-script that he would be seeing her in the evening if it did not rain. If the people think the lawyers' cause is in the interest of the nation, they should come out in numbers to join the worthy caravan. In the inauguration of Barack Obama, millions of people from all over the country came walking just to hear their beloved leader. No one had begged them to come. They felt for their cause and came. -COL. (Retd) R. M. AKHTAR, Lahore, February 1.