ISLAMABAD (NNI) - The crime rate has increased in the jurisdictions of Sabzi Mandi Police Station Islamabad due to insufficient police contingent in the station, a survey report has said. There are 20 educational Institutions, 36 mosques, 7 sensitive areas in the 0.3 million population in the area of Sabzi Mandi Police Station but only 143 police personnel have been appointed in the Police Station. The survey report said that, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), National University of Science and Technology (NUTS), Railway Carriage Factory (RCF) come under the jurisdictions of the Police Stations and the station was facing contingent deficiency. It said that 200 personnel had to be appointed in the Stations so it is facing the lack of 57 personnel. In 143 personnel, 20 deployed in check posts and about 24 were appointed for special duties. The crimes rate is increasing day to day in the area due to negligence of high authorities because require contingent is not available in the station. Survey said that in pervious year, 40 cases of car lifting were registered but only 6 cars had been recovered. In11 murder cases, accused of four cases had been arrested and others still irresolvable. The survey said that there were no check-post was made in the inner or outer area of the Sabzi Mandi where thousands of people daily came due to their business concerns The recovered vehicles by police stations have spoiled because the transfer system is very complex and the vehicles are lying here from years. According to police station official, the police achieved great achievement and many culprits including car lifter, killers and terrorists were arrested but no facilities had been provided to the staff of the stations.