KANDAHAR (AFP) - A massive bomb destroyed a police vehicle in the Afghan city of Kandahar Sunday, killing four officers and injuring two civilians, police said. The 'very big bomb was placed under a bridge and exploded as the police vehicle was passing, police colonel Abdul Ahmad told AFP. Four policemen who were bringing food to their post were killed, he said at the site of the blast close to the city centre. An AFP reporter saw a mangled police jeep and human flesh spread over a wide area. Meanwhile, US forces have detained a senior police officer in northeastern Afghanistan for alleged corruption and links to insurgents, an Afghan official and NATO said Sunday. A senior provincial official said Atahullah Wahaab, deputy police chief in Kapisa province, was taken into custody by US forces on Friday. The police commander was arrested by ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) and coalition forces for illegal activity and corruption, the US military, operating under NATOs International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said in a statement. Meanwhile, two Swedish army officers and an Afghan interpreter were killed when a patrol came under attack in northern Afghanistan Sunday, Swedens armed forces announced in Stockholm. A third Swedish soldier was wounded in the gun attack near the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, a statement said.