LAHORE The infamous Blackwater is stated to have become a major operative in relation to the US activities in NWFP, while the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is also active in the Frontier, reveals Brig (r) Mehmood Shah, former Secretary Security, FATA. In an exclusive chat with TheNation on Sunday, Mehmood Shah made some alarming revelations about the presence of Blackwater, CIA operations and new technique about target identification with a view to hitting suspected militant leaders with drones. Revealing the details of notorious Blackwater arrival in Pakistan, he said the US government has linked the military equipment supply for FC and NWFP Police with imparting of training by the advisors to those companies who were manufacturing the military equipment even though the advisors are civilians, stated to be members of Blackwater, posing as advisors. He said the necessary training of the FC and NWFP Police in this regard has not only enabled them to know about our capabilities but also to get firsthand human intelligence about the landscape and other things. The members of the organisation later on pass on all the information to CIA operatives. Mehmood Shah, revealing the whereabouts of the Blackwater said its members were residing in University Town Peshawar, while they were also present at under-construction site of FC at Warsak and also at FC headquarters. He said FC authorities asked the US through government of Pakistan for barracks at Warsak while the US authorities say that they would undertake construction through their contractors. They have given the contract to Blackwater which has no experience of construction. This notorious organisation has further sub-let the contract to a local organisation but it was permanently present at Warsak to monitor the operational activities of the FC. About the killing of US marines at a school inauguration function at Lower Dir, he said he suspected that the dead Americans were not marines and were members of Blackwater, as it was not in the duty charter of marines to protect or escort the US aid agencies. About the details of CIA operational activities in the NWFP and especially FATA, he pointed out that the US intelligence agencys major operations were being carried out from Afghanistan, while they recruit the people from NWFP and FATA through their local agents in Afghanistan, as the people of Frontier frequently visit Afghanistan. However, the CIA also engages Afghan nationals for carrying out espionage activities in FATA. Regarding CIA operations from their missions in Peshawar and Islamabad, he said certainly the agency operatives carry out their activities from their missions, but it in the current circumstances they depend more on Blackwater operatives. He said the government should ask the US government to provide a complete list of diplomatic staff of all their missions in Pakistan to facilitate the government to detain non-diplomatic staff, involved in suspected activities throughout the country. About the intelligence liaison with the US, he revealed that during his time in the office of Secretary Security FATA the US provided them the videos and photographs taken through drones, which they thoroughly investigated through human intelligence network in the FATA region about the suspected militant leaders. Later, the US government was informed the US whether their technical intelligence was true or false. However if the movement of any suspected militant was confirmed then Pakistan government took the action and not the US. Brig (r) Mehmood Shah, revealing a new technique of drone attacks said that few years back, the CIA used to give a chip to their agents who planted it near the location of the target, which was later tracked down through the US National Security Agency (NSA) satellites. Later, the information was then passed on to the special drone attacks section in the covert operation section of the CIA at the agencys headquarters at Langley, Virginia and finally the drones were flown to hit the target, but the chip technique was not 100 percent accurate. Under the new technique for drone attacks, the CIA develops a complete profile of the suspected target in its super computers. The profile was made after getting complete human intelligence on the targets physical movement. Later, the agency evaluates the physical movement of the target for three months. At the same time matches the targets physical movements with their profile; and when it perfectly fits to their data they hit the target. He said every person on this planet has a difference of some micro-centimetres in step movement while walking and that was the main identification symbol for CIA profile team to strike their suspected target. According to him, he identified several operatives of the CIA working under the garb of NGOs and aid agencies during his time in office. He said organisations frequently visit the FATA areas. He maintained that he had prohibited the entry of many of such CIA operatives and never permitted the NGO and aid agency persons to move independently in FATA - anyone who wanted to work in FATA, he was bound to contact him alone. He said teams of NGO or aid agency that wished to visit FATA were made to accompany an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) official. Mehmood Shah commenting on increasing activities of infamous Blackwater and CIA in NWFP and FATA asserted that the US was losing its war in Afghanistan and 'bunkering in Pakistan, especially in Frontier. After withdrawing from Afghanistan, US would monitor the forces across the Durand Line from the province of Frontier, he said.