The public needs basic civic amenities like efficient public transport to carry out their daily work of life. The prime responsibility of government is to provide these basic facilities to the citizens to efficiently utilize their resource power. A comfortable, efficient and affordable public transport system is of paramount importance in daily time management and productive commute of the citizens. In Pakistan, though, there is no public transport system to speak of in any of our major cities, and none in twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. That is the most pathetic of all because one of these two cities happens to be the capital of the country. Perhaps, the apathy of the citizens towards their plight has something to do with it. We are habitual silent sufferers who stand, sometimes on all fours like animals, in the dilapidated buses that we are able to board after wait of hours. -M. SHAHAAB LODHI, Rawalpindi, February 4.