ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao) President, Aftab Ahmad Khan informed that hectic efforts were underway to evolve some mechanism to rope in Taliban leadership for negotiations and in this connection a Loyi Jerga (grand congregation of Afghan elders) would be called shortly in which Taliban commanders would also be invited. Talking to TheNation about the fresh initiative taken by Karzai-led government to engage Taliban in the dialogue process, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that in the broad-based initiative having the support of the United States and other NATO allies would also engage Saudi Arabia and some other states in getting the things materialised. He further said the US is not in position to stay in Afghanistan for a longer period and was also under pressure of other NATO allies which were also against stretching of hot pursuit in Afghanistan and wanted to leave the war-torn country soon. It was also the slogan of Karzai during his election campaign that he would bring peace and normalcy to the country, he added. On top of it, the NATO forces in Afghanistan had not achieved landmark successes in the troubled areas due to which there was a general despondency among the people of Afghanistan, he said. In the backdrop of these circumstances, the fresh peace initiative was launched to take the warring Taliban onboard in bringing lasting peace to the country, Sherpao said but he was not much optimism about its success without the active participation of Pakistan. To a question about engagement of Saudi Arabia and United Arabs Emirates(UAE) in the peace initiative, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that both the Islamic states were using their good offices to make the move a success but, once again, he stressed the need of active engagement of Pakistan for making the peace initiative a complete success. To another question, he said that both Afghanistan and Pakistan should remove the mistrust and at the same time give assurance that both the countries would not let their land be used for any disruptive activity against each other. He further said that India could also be taken on board in the peace initiative by addressing the concerns of Pakistan regarding its growing influence in Afghanistan. To a question, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said the US is trying to replicate the Iraq model here in Afghanistan as well. However, he expressed doubts about its success here in Kabul. He further said that in Iraq they had used the Sunnis against the Shias but here in Afghanistan their plan to use Tajiks and Uzbiks against the dominating Pashtoons had badly failed. He further said the US is under tremendous pressure of its people while the NATO allies are also not willing to stay for a longer period in Afghanistan and there is growing demands from all the sides to build the capacity of the local govt to handle the things. He further said the economic burden of the NATO presence in Afghanistan is also mounting as annually America alone is contributing US $ 130 billion, which America could not afford to contribute for indefinite period especially when the whole world is facing severe economic crunch. To another question, he said that signs of fatigue were also visible in Talibans ranks as well and they could join the peace initiative, as they would get apt guarantees from apt quarters. Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that by joining the peace initiative Talibans main demand of foreign troops withdrawal from the country could be met and they knew it well that after the withdrawal of the NATO forces they could easily get hold of the reins in Kabul. To another question, he said that Pakistan could serve Afghanistan in a better way in the capacity building of its civil and military establishment while at the same time it could also influence some of the key Taliban commanders who had developed good and deep-rooted relations with Pakistan during the Afghan Jehad against the Soviet Union. Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that this peace initiative should be given every opportunity as not only the peace in Kabul but the peace of the whole region is linked to it.