ISLAMABAD - In a country like Pakistan, which is striving hard to convince the international community for economic aid, the cost of the 'Lyari Express Project initially amounting to over Rs 4 billion, now increased by over 100 percent due to extra-ordinary delay in execution of the project. The original cost of the road project was Rs 4892 million and due to extra-ordinary delay, its current cost has escalated up to Rs 8,575 million, official sources told TheNation. The cost can further increase if the project is not completed within the stipulated time, the sources maintained. Only 72 percent work has been completed so far and it is need to be completed till June, 2011 to meet the stipulated deadline. It may be mentioned here that the stipulated date of the project has earlier been revised more than twice. Work on the project was started on 11 May ,2002 and it was to be completed till November, 2004. However, it was revived many times due to certain reason, therefore the cost the project has been escalating, according to a progress report available to TheNation. Considering it as a chronic matter of the NHA, the sources said recently the higher official discussed the matter and also took up with the Sindh government to complete it within the stipulated time. Realizing sensitivity of the matter, the 'Lyari Express Project was discussed as it has become chronic, said a NHA senior official while talking to TheNation It may be mentioned here that the NHA was directed to start the work on the project immediately to complete it till June 2010, but now the date has been revised till June 2011. Despite several attempts, The Federal Minister for Communication Dr. Arbab Alamgir could not be approached as his cell phone was switched off. It is also not out of place to mention here that most of the NHA projects in the country are getting delayed due to various reasons mainly paucity of funds and adverse law and order situation in the country. Owing to paucity of funds and adverse law and order situation, most of the NHA projects in Balochistan including roads linking Gwadar Port with other areas are getting delay. Among 19 projects including important project M-8 (Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab) and most of them are under construction even after passage of their date of completion. Regarding the progress of the NHA project, the situation is also not satisfactory in other provinces due to different reason, a NHA senior official said.