Karachi, home of the countrys mother bourse, has once again experienced brutal wave of terror and that too at a critical point of time when the bulls were trying to resurrect after shrugging off the negative impact of the PPP-MQM frictions. Therefore analysts believe that this revisiting of Karachi carnage would definitely take its toll on the stocks trade during the following week starting Monday (today) having its far-reaching impact on other markets in the financial capital. In addition to impacting economic activity in Karachi and the overall economy, they feared the latest untoward incidents might shape the future politics in the country. Since apex levels on both sides had moved, the PPP and MQM tussle appeared to have been subsiding towards the end of the last week during which the stock market, too, had taken a positive posture. Players opened the week ending Thursday last, for Friday being holiday on account of Kashmir Solidarity Day, with a cautious approach in the wake of the then prevalent tensions between the two coalition partners, especially at the provincial level. Apart from the tensions in Karachi or Sindh, the pundits observed that the overall economic as well as political situations in the country were not permitting long-term holding of even solid stocks that otherwise could have offered lucrative returns. That is why perhaps the market remained directionless during the second session of the week that was, and on Tuesday last the benchmark had a projectile like movement. The market remained fluctuating in a spread of around a percentile that too on positive side, but failed to sustain the gaining mood. Although the bearish resistance eroded almost entire gain registered on Tuesday, still the market managed to close in positive zone, though by only a nominal margin. Last couple of sessions of the four-day week exhibited a positive trend for a couple of reasons. Initially, the conflicting PPP and the MQM heading towards a possible resolution of their issues impacted well on the stock trade and the market bettered by a fraction of a percentile on Wednesday last. Second, factor leading to significant gains was the improving prices in the oil and gas sector. The market went through a massive ebb and flow until late buying on the second last session of week under review helped the index gain one-thirds percentile. Closing session on Thursday last went clearly bullish and the Karachi Stock Exchanges benchmark KSE-100 Index bettered by one and half percentile in one go. Before the latest terror attacks in Karachi, pundits were foreseeing gaining momentum to continue on bourses as the energy sector stocks were bettering after latest increase in wellhead price of gas and international crude oil on the way up. However, immediately, after terrorists hit a mourners bus and the hospital where injured were being shifted, the analysts were forced to redo their earlier forecast. Now they were unable to rule out the impact of these terror incidents on the stock trade ahead. They were unanimous in predicting that these terror strikes would take toll on the stock trade that was otherwise poised to grow.