Minister for Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi said on Monday the draft of Hajj Policy-2010 would hopefully be finalized by first week of April. Though the ministry is making efforts to finalize the policy by end of March, but due to some engagements like holding of National Seerat Conference in connection with the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, the draft would hopefully be in final shape in first week of April, he told media. He said 'innovative and radical proposals are being incorporated in the new Hajj policy, which would be announced after getting formal approval from the Federal Cabinet. Various proposals are under consideration to incorporate in the new Hajj policy for providing maximum facilities to the intending pilgrims for the Hajj-2010, he added. Kazmi said the draft of the policy is being finalized in consultation with all the stakeholders which will be sent to the cabinet for approval. To a question, he said private airlines would be invited to participate in the next Hajj flight operation as earlier only two international airlines were allowed to operate Hajj flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and vice versa. He said the ministry is in the favour of competition among more than two airlines, in order to create competitive environment in the air fares. To another question, Hamid Saeed Kazmi said the ministry conducts the Hajj Operation on no-profit and no-loss basis, while the profit received on the funds deposited in Hajj accounts are spent on welfare of Pakistani Hujjaj in Saudi Arabia. He said Pakistan Mission in Makkah makes special arrangements to provide medical treatment to Pakistan Hujjaj besides setting up a main hospital and dispensaries where Hujjaj irrespective of their nationality are also given proper attention. Meanwhile official sources said, the ministry has confiscated guarantees of nine Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) who showed negligence in providing facilities to pilgrims and violated their agreements during Hajj-2009. Guarantees of nine companies have so far been confiscated, while the Complaint Disposal Cell (CDC) of the Ministry is compiling complaints against some other HGOs, they added. They said the CDC had received complaints against around 40 HGOs, out of around 590, who allegedly did not fulfill their agreements and caused inconvenience to the Hujjaj. They said on gross violation of the agreement, licences of operators could be canceled or their quota for next Hajj scheme could be curtailed besides imposition of fines. The sources said the ministry had acquired 259 building for 80,000 Pakistani pilgrims sent under the government scheme, adding utmost efforts were made to facilitate pilgrims and provide them residence near to Haram Sharif. They said Hajj quota for the next pilgrimage would only be given to the operators registered with the International Air Transport Association.