PARIS (AFP) Foreigners who come to live in France should sign a contract recognising that the wearing of the full Islamic veil is banned, a minister said Sunday. The 'no-burqa clause should be added to the 'integration contract that newcomers have been asked to sign since 2007, said Families Minister Nadine Morano. The government is drafting legislation to restrict the wearing of the face-covering veil after a parliament report last month called for a burqa ban in all schools, hospitals, government offices and public transport. Morano said the newcomers contract currently states that forced marriages and polygamy are not allowed in France because equality between men and women is a fundamental principle of French society. The minister told French radio that the clause the same applies to the full veil should be added to that provision. Morano plans to propose the changes at a conference on Monday called by the government to take stock of its three-month debate on national identity that has exposed fears about immigration and Islam.