UBAURO (PPI): The present junta has failed to deliver and same feudal lords and capitalists were calling shots in the corridors of power. The poor and downtrodden people could not get their due rights till brining a radical system change in Pakistan. This was said by Ghinwa Bhutto, chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party-Shaheed Bhutto (PPP-SB), addressing a big public rally here on Sunday. She said Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had taken lands from big feudal lords and distributed them amongst the poor peasants. She regretted that today once against feudal lords had reached the corridors of powers and suppressing the poor people of Pakistan in order to maximise their personal wealth. She noted that now the mood of public was changing and the winds of change would soon sweep the country. She said the present rulers had betrayed voters and gave them just poverty, price hike, joblessness, bad governance and lawlessness. She said the present rulers do not represent the poor people of Pakistan, but instead they represent feudal lords and capitalists. Ghinwa said her party would bring a new leadership from the poor masses, which would safeguard their rights. She said a big revolution would be brought in Pakistan with the power of people and radical changes would be introduced in system. She appreciated the role of Pakistani media and judiciary in highlighting the burning problems facing the nation and country. She said that the local government system was a good system but it failed because the real powers were not devolved to grassroots level. She, however, said the wrapping up the local government system and slapping commissioners on people would further aggravate the issues, and the bureaucracy is least concerned with the problems of common man. She strongly condemned occupation of National Press Club Ubauro by a provincial minister and assured affected journalists full co-operation on behalf of her party. Other party leaders including Mian Khan Rind, Nazar Hussain Charan and Shah Ali Lashari also spoke.