KARACHI - Various religious parties have condemned the US for its involvement in current spate of terrorism and chaos in the country and have bitterly criticised the government for its failure to protect the lives of innocent people. They expressed astonishment that how easily terrorists have hit innocent people on Ashura day and Chehlum while the government remained blaming one after another terrorists outfit. The protests rallies of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi (JI), Shia Ulema Council Pakistan (SUCP), United Human Rights Council Pakistan (UHRCP) and Karachi Aman Jirga (KAJ) gathered outside Karachi Press Club from the different routes and localities and staged a demonstration. JI Sindh chief Assadullah Bhutto while speaking on the occasion, said that America is archrival of Islam and its followers. He said only two Muslim states possess nuclear weapons and America and its allies have designs to bring these two countries at daggers drawn on communal differences and ultimately get their nukes under its control. He cited that recent hike in chaos and terror activities all were aimed at destroying religious harmony and the nation must end up sectarian differences to foil these conspiracies. He slammed the coalition government in Sindh, saying that it is involved in in-fightings over its own disputes instead of saving innocent people. He said that after Ashura blast police only claimed of arresting the criminals involved in mayhem but again people of this city have seen blasts that proved its utter failure of running the states affairs. He said that Americas false and malicious claim that America is the Human rights Champion in the world has been exposed to all the dignified nations which respects humanity after its jury convicted Dr Aafia in a fabricated case of attacking American soldiers. He demanded that officials of the previous government involved in kidnapping Dr Aafia and handing her over to American authority should be investigated. Allama Ali Muhammad Rizvi of SUC addressing the protesters said that this is the government responsibility to protect citizens if it does not fulfil its responsibility then it should relinquish the power. He said terrorists wanted to create sectarian divide among Muslims on Shia-Sunny basis but the unity among Muslims have spoiled all their conspiracies. He mentioned that blasts in Ashura and chehlum days indicate there were forces who were actively working to destabilize our country. He demanded the government to probe into terror blasts in which many mourners of Imam Hussain (RA) and others people belonging to different sects were also killed. He said today we have registered our token protest but do not compel us to come out on streets across the country and bring life to a standstill. He lashed out at America because its policies focus on creating rift and divide among Muslims. He said we are not Shiites, we are not Sunnis we are only the humble followers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said that provincial government is more concerned with core committee meetings and local government election for which they sit together everyday but they paid no heed to the grave concern in which people have lost their lives, honour and properties. He criticized ministers and advisors that they are only working to prolong and protect their ministries. He demanded that the government should take serious measures to investigate the Ashura and Chehlum mayhem, release mourners who were detained illegally and compensate families of martyred and injured persons. UHRC Chairman Ahmed Ali said that conspirators through these blasts at processions have tried to set Karachi into communal riots and turned it into Beirut. He added that Israel, and American agents were involved in these blasts. He declared that America is an enemy of Islam and wanted to create Shia-Sunny divide and achieves its malicious objectives. Office-bearers of KAJ while addressing on the occasion denounced the bomb blasts in Karachi on Ashura and Chehlum processions and demanded investigations and ouster of spying agents of Black Water, RAW, MOSAD, and agents of other foreign agents busy actively in terror activities in the country. They criticized the provincial government performance in probing the Ashura and Chehlum tragedies and it also did not compensated the families whose loved ones were killed and injured in the mayhem. Protesters were chanted slogans Go America Go and those supporting America are traitors. Meanwhile, Jaffria Alliance Pakistan President Allama Abbas Kumeli while addressing people after the Soyem of those martyred in blast on Chelum at Hussaini Sifarat Khana Malir said that the militants not only attacked Shiites, our Sunni brothers also killed in the blasts. He said there were no Sunni and Shia strife in the country. He said that the Ideology given by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) will last forever to counter Yazidiat. He said that over a million mourners in chehlum procession have conveyed their message of vow not to bow to imperial powers. He said Shia and Suuny all are united against terrorism.