ISLAMABAD (APP) After a long dry spell, twin cities are receiving rains, which have brought welcome change in the weather making it chillier and colder. It was the consecutive second day and third night of rains in Islamabad on Sunday and residents expressed their joy since rain had turned their weekend pleasant. Although most of them preferred to remain indoors, yet there were some who braved the gushing chilly winds and thronged hotels and cafes of the twin cities to enjoy steaming cup of tea while it was raining outside. Another delicious food item during the winter rains is fried fish and with the arrival of rain spell the rain has started, most of the fish shops are witnessing a great rush. Asad Kaleem, a purchaser at a fish shop waiting for his turn, told that it was chilly cold and rainy weather so he decided to celebrate the first winter rain by eating fish. No doubt fish is the most delicious winter fiesta and I always enjoy fish when it is raining outside, he said. He was of the view that in normal days they seldom felt like eating such costly food item but in rainy weather most of the times they prefer eating fish. The current winter rains would have positive impact on crops especially in rain-fed areas of the country, agriculture experts said. According to agriculture experts the rains are good crops as the farmers and growers have been awaiting them since long. Meanwhile, recent snowfall in Murree and surrounding hills has attracted large number of tourists from different parts of country. On Sunday, being weekend, residents of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and other areas travelled to Murree to enjoy snowfall. Traffic jams were witnessed at various places on the road leading to the hilly station. All restaurants were packed with tourists and the demand of woollies has also gone up as mercury has gone below freezing point. Businessmen and shopkeepers of hilly rersorts are happy in view of increased business activity. Fauzia Bibi, a visitor, said Murree had all facilities for enjoyment. She said the local administration should develop some other recreational facilities including parks, to attarct visitors. Though the recent rain-spell has turned the weather pleasant, more downpour is neuded to improve water level in capitals reservoirs, a senior CDA official said on Saturday. There is no significant effect of the rain on water inflows in two reservoirs of Khanpur and Simly dams, said Director Water Management of CDA Sanaullah Aman while talking to this agency. However, according to Indus River System Authority, the maximum water level in River Indus at Tarbela on Saturday morning was 1417.75 feet, which is 45.75 feet higher than its dead level of 1369 feet. The water level in River Jhelwm at Mangla was 1074.80 feet, which is 34.8 feet higher than its dead level of 1040 fmet. According to Chief Meteorologist Dr Muhammad Hanif, the rain would continue till Tuesday, which would help bring more water in water reservoirs. He predicted heavy rains for next two days in most parts of the country including Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Hanif said there would be heavy snowfall in hilly areas, including Murree, Galliat, Ayubia, Hazara, AJK and Malakand on Sunday and Monday. According to Met Office, Islamabad has received 8.4m rain so far, Lahore 0.3m , Rawlakot 36.0m, Muzaffarabad 34.8m, Balakot 21.0m, Murree 18.9m Saidu Sharif 15.7m, Lower Dir 7.7m, Sialkot 3.0m, Quetta 2.0m, and Gilgit 1.6m rain.