LAHORE - Salman Butt and M Aamir said on Monday that they would file appeals in the World Arbitration Court against their bans slapped by the International Cricket Council on February 5. They expressed these views during a Waqt TV programme Game Beat. Salman said that Mazhar Majeed was his agent and he got sponsorship for us. No new proof was presented against us in Doha on February 5 and they announced the pre-planned decision against us, he added. He said that during investigation, the ICC tribunal labelled charges against us and they gave solid reply and the copies of questions and answers were with him. "I met with Mazhar Majeed and made telephonic contacts during the last two Tests played in London," he stated. He admitted that he had meeting with Mazhar Majid for new sponsorship deals which he never denied. He added that it was the time ripe to make laws for match-fixing, betting and spot-fixing etc. On a question why he had given opening spell to Asif and Aamir, Butt replied, "This is the choice of captain from which bowler he opens the attack." "Cricket was our sole job and we brought up family members through this source of income. I will go to international court to get justice," young pace bowler M Aamir said. He further said that tribunal admitted that his punishment was severe for him but the ICC announced verdict under the code of conduct. Former PCB chief Khalid Mehmood, who was also present during the talks, said that the ICC Chief Executive admitted that the cricketing body had treated the banned trio negatively. He said that players' appearance in London court in March was a crucial one. "If they cleared from that court than their future would be safe and the London decision would also affect the ICC decision," he said. "If they proved guilty there then their future would be bleak," Khalid Mahmood concluded.