There are contradictory reports about the fate of Col Imam. Earlier it was reported that ISIs ex-official died in captivity, either killed by the captives or died of a heart attack. Later it was said that the retired officer (real name Col Amir Sultan Tarar) was alive, safe and sound. However the fact remains that Col Imam was among the three who had gone missing in March 2010 along with his ex-colleague Khalid Khwaja and a reputed BBC representative, Asad Qureshi. They were kidnapped on their way to North Waziristan. Khalid Khwaja was killed in April 2010 at Karamkot village, around 7km west of Mir Ali town in North Waziristan, while Asad Qureshi was released in the month of Ramadan after paying ransom. Initial reports denote the cause of his death as natural cardiac arrest; however, subsequent details indicate that he was killed. The responsibility of killing has been accepted by an organization named Asian Tigers, the name of which as a terrorist organization was first heard after the death of Khalid Khwaja when the same organization claimed the credit of his killing. Thereafter, the organization went into background and has only resurfaced now. Earlier after the death of Khwaja, TTP had denounced any link with Asian Tigers. However, this time they have not. If at all, there is an association of the two, yet the Indian involvement cannot be ruled out as TTP-RAW links are no secret. Indian weapons were recovered from terrorists hideouts during the operations against militants in Swat. There are ample evidences regarding Indian involvement in Balochistan and support of RAW to secessionist movements in the province. If analyzed in totality, the deaths of Pakistani spymasters in captivity of miscreants do not remain that mysterious as it looks to be. The hand and the motives behind are quite visible. FAROOQ ADIL, February 5.