Egypt has woken up from decades of dogmatic slumber and shattered the myth of invincibility of modern Pharos .This is a great moment of rejoicing for all freedom loving peoples around the world. Freedom of one man or one country is freedom of all men and all countries of the globe. A strong message of support from the civil society of Pakistan should go to Freedom Square of Cairo where anti-Mubarak demonstrators are bravely defying the powerful regime. The democratic world is now shedding crocodile tears in support of Egyptian civil liberties and fundamental human rights. We have a unique chance to secure high moral ground by speaking in favor of freedom fighters of Egypt. Here is another opportunity to win the hearts of the courageous demonstrators on the streets of the great Arab country. We need to heed the call of history which is being voiced and written by the sons and daughter of a brotherly Muslim country which has proved that there is no conflict between democracy and Islam. We must honor the Egyptian martyrs and their long lasting contribution to liberty, equality and fraternity of man. B A MALIK, Islamabad, February 6.