ISLAMABAD - The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), probing the Haj scam during the scrutiny of local and foreign bank accounts of former religious affairs minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi, had found some 20,000 pounds in one of his bank accounts. However, Kazmi is of the view that the money lying in his foreign bank account was not enough that he could be implicated in a mega corruption scandal of mismanagement in Haj affairs. The investigators also questioned Kazmi again after Syed Javed Bukhari took the charged as head of the investigations of Haj scam. The sources in the FIA connected with the Haj investigations have claimed that the investigators had traced a sum of 20,000 UK pounds and further investigations were under way as to from where the money came and in what manner the transactions were made through this account. Kazmi confirmed that he had a foreign bank account that was being operated since 2007 when he was not minister for religious affairs. He also said that his account had an amount of 20,000 pounds adding that the amount was not so much that he could be implicated in the Haj scam.