LAHORE The massive fire in Shah Alam Market, which engulfed valuables worth billion of rupees on Monday, also exposed the expertise of the untrained fire fighters of the Rescue 1122. It also laid bare the poor condition of the fire fighting equipment, eyewitnesses and victims complained. Moreover, the City also witnessed a worst gridlock on its leading roads in connection with fire eruption near the Mochi Gate. The witnesses told the reporters two fire brigades vehicles of Rescue 1122 placed besides the Mochi Gate area, without playing key role in fire extinguishing as their engine failed before participating in operation. The victims said most of the fire vehicles returned to their main centre as the water and chemical used for gutting fire finished within no time. Moreover, the powder lowered by a helicopter provided by the federal government to provincial administration could not extinguish the fire. On the other side, fire fighters and rescuers said the streets and bazaars were narrowed where the vehicles especially aerial plat form leather, a vehicle which can gut fire blazing above 105 feet from the ground flour of any building, also remained unsuccessful in playing pivotal role. The veteran fire fighters of the City District Government however approached the main point of fire eruption and tried their best. We have also rescued the fire fighters of Rescue 1122 who had been trapped in narrow buildings, a senior fighter said. According to him, the fire fighters of Rescue 1122 were quite untrained and act without practical knowledge and experience. The Fire Fighting Department of Rescue 1122 should be given under the custody of City District Governments Fire Fighting for their proper training, he added. The local people, after witnessing helpless fire fighters, joined rescue operation in order to save their valuables. Meanwhile, the worst traffic jam was observed in the provincial capital. The traffic was completely suspended on Shah Almi CHowk, Rang Mahel, Ik Moriya Bridge, Delhi Darwaza, Data Darbar towards Mayo Hospital. Earlier, the state of emergency was announced at Mayo Hospital and a special team of doctors was directed to remain alert round the clock for proper medical treatment of the victims.