An Iranian court has started trial of three American nationals on the charges of spying. Two of the accused Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are in Evin Prison in Tehran while the third Sarah Shourd was earlier released on bail and left for the United States. Now despite repeated requests she has refused to return to join court proceedings. Closed door proceedings of the Revolutionary Court are in progress and the issue before it is that the three Americans were arrested in areas close to Iraqi boarder while spying against Iran. The judicial system in Iran has withstood all sorts of diplomatic pressure for their release but nothing could be materialized so far. The court also refused to entertain Iranian President Ahmadinejad plea that leniency be shown to the accused. By doing this the Revolutionary Court has established as to how independent judiciary should react to internal and external pressures. The Iranian President had proposed to the US Administration to review the cases of all Iranians languishing in the American prisons on flimsy charges with no substantial evidence. He also indicated that release of Iranian detainees could work as a bargaining chip if the US Administration sincerely wishes the release of American nationals. This strong stand of opening trial of the US nationals is a clear message to Pakistani superior judiciary. Raymond Davis, accused of killing two locals in cold blood is likely to be tried in court once the police complete its investigation against the backdrop of tremendous American pressure seeking his release on the pretext of him being a diplomat and immunity available to him under Vienna Convention of 1063. One wonders how could such a demand be justified when the visa status on his passport taken into possession by the police does not indicate it. On the other hand, Raymond Davis is reported to have been declared persona non grata twice when he was posted in US Consulate office in Peshawar. He is guilty of a heinous crime and should be shown no mercy.