Raymond Daviss sordid act has now indirectly claimed another life. The casualty is Shumaila the widow of Faheem who was shot to death by Davis on January 27 at Qurtaba Chowk. She committed suicide depressed by the overbearing manner of the Americans pressurizing the government to release the accused. Moments before she breathed her last, she bemoaned the governments lack of resolve to punish the culprit. Although the leadership including President Zardari and PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif had recently rebuffed US demands to handover Davis, the diplomatic offensive launched by Washington makes it pretty obvious that finally American diktat would prevail. US officials ranging from Ambassador Munter, a visiting delegation of Congress to Consul General Carmela Conroy have swung into action. And so is the Obama Administration. The blackmailing tactics include the threat to cut off American largesse of 2 billion dollars followed by EU that is giving same feelers. Fears that the government has reached some sort of an understanding with the US to handover Davis over reasons of diplomatic immunity have been circulating in media for the past few days. A government that is complicit with the US in massacre of its own citizens in Fata could after all be expected to compromise on a few more lives. The widow of Faheem could not be blamed for having such thoughts trouble her mind. This was what ultimately forced her to take her own life as a protest against her leaderships double standards. The murder of two Pakistanis in broad daylight by US mercenary and the vehicle of death sent by the US consulate that crushed a youth under its wheels constitute criminal acts that deserve exemplary punishment. There is sufficient evidence to prove that Davis was a security contractor. Still, if the government tries to let Davis go scot-free, it is sure to initiate a Tsunami of public outrage. The Punjab government that is currently handling the case and has the police under its command whose presentation of the evidence is going to have a lot of bearing on the outcome of the case must not underestimate the sentiment prevailing on the street. All those Americans who plead for Daviss release on ground of diplomatic immunity must be snubbed with the documentary evidence proving facts to the contrary. It is no secret how the Americans deal with Pakistanis in the US mainland. Harsh sentences are common over slightest of provocations. The Americans now must be paid back in their own coin. The courts would also do well to act quickly and dispense justice as soon as possible.