KARACHI - Awami National Party (ANP) Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan on Monday said there was no involvement of MQM and ANP in the incidents of target killings in the metropolis, adding that neither every Urdu speaking was the activist of MQM nor every Pakhtoon was affiliated with ANP. Addressing the press briefing at the residence of ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed after the meeting of ANP Sindh office bearers, the ANP central president said that the ANP was accused of killing Urdu speaking and MQM of Pakhtoons. This is not true, he added. He said that Karachi was a metropolitan city and it is not a property of any ethnic group saying that Karachi was a multi-lingual city. He stressed the need for making joint efforts for the durable peace in Karachi, adding that the government should adopt all steps to calm down the tense situation in Karachi and restore peace. Karachi is the only metropolitan city of the country, therefore, peace and harmony were in favour of the every citizen, he added. He said that the presence of Pakhtoons in the city was a reality, and everybody should accept this, saying that they were ready to live with every community in a peaceful environment. He said that Sindhis had the first right on Karachi adding that every community living in the megalopolis had a right to live. Asfandyar Wali said that the government could complete its five-year tenure saying that people would decide who would rule the country. He said that some forces wanted to destabilise the country.