PESHAWAR - Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) organised yet another glittering Gem Bazaar in Peshawar recently, says a Press release. The two-day exhibition was inaugurated by Atif Rasheed, Chairman All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association (APCEA). Speaking on the occasion, he lauded the efforts of the PGJDC and praised the exhibitors of Gem Bazaar for putting up a great show. He said that Gem Bazaars such as this one are playing a vital supportive role in promotion of gems and jewellery industry. This industry has great future and it can bring large foreign currency in Pakistan, he said, but due to the present unprecedented wave of terrorism in the country, especially in Peshawar, the gem export business is very adversely affected. Government of Pakistan is willing to take steps to increase exports of gemstones in billions of dollars. Peshawar has showcased several such exhibitions in the past as well, thus it attracts a lot of traders and visitors who are keen on doing business with local producers and also buying gems for their own collections. Gemstone exhibitors from all over the country were invited to display their wares at the bazaar. The exhibition area was divided into different sections according geographical location. 33 stalls were given to local exhibitors of Peshawar, 11 stalls for exhibitors of Swat, 06 for stalls for exhibitors of Gilgit, 02 stalls for exhibitors of Quetta, 01 stall for exhibitors of Karachi and 18 stalls were reserved for Gem Exchange. Taking advantage of the unique platform provided to them by PGJDC, many traders and exhibitors voiced their concerns over issues such mining gems etc. to officials present on the occasion. One of the major issues faced by most producers was the un-availability of modern machinery for mining and exploration. PGJDC, which has been established under the Ministry of Industries and Production, Government of Pakistan, however over the last three years has been committed to the development of the Gems & Jewellery industry of Pakistan from mine to market in the areas of skill development, technology up-gradation and marketing/branding. The idea of organizing Gem Bazaars in different cities including Peshawar is to enhance value chain productivity and provide a stable platform for the buyers and sellers of the gemstones and mineral specimens under one roof.